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Summary of Voices

Widowed sci-fi writer, Simon Carswell, burdened by guilt from the past, can't understand why his brilliant granddaughter has taken against him. His son attributes the girl's antagonism to her mother going off with her latest lover. Yet, when a neighbour's body turns up in the writer's garden, is this linked to the man's guilt or to the voices that emerged from his computer... voices inspiring his latest novel about an alien takeover of Earth via the internet. A tale of murder, family love and child abuse as seen through the eyes of a grandfather, a father, and a young girl. All is not what it appears to be to the authorities.

Book Reviews 

“This is an amazing story with a plot which twists and turns. The idea of voices coming out of a computer is ingenious. You run through a gamut of emotions as you read. Anger at Lisa's mother. Horror at Stefan's attempt to victimise Lisa. It is a fast moving enjoyable story which I heartily recommend.”

“A many layered and ingenious plot, linking different elements of reality and powerfully addressing difficult issues. Well recommended.”

 Alice Barber, an Amazon customer

 Francesca, an Amazon customer

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