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Summary of The Terminus

Sixteen year-old Gary, desperate for a girlfriend, finds a pair of time-specs in a London park. They flip him into twenty-third century submerged London, a terrifying place where he meets the beautiful young Beetie, but he soon learns that love also brings unbearable burdens. Together with other rebels holed up in the disused London Underground, she leads Gary and his irrepressibly annoying friend, Mike, on a journey of passion, deceit, loyalty and terror… a journey to uncover the dark mystery of the Terminus, involving an enigmatic time-traveler called ‘God’ and an ancient Atlantean artifact.
"Once you pick up this chilling book, be prepared to climb onto an emotional roller-coaster which you can’t get off until the story reaches its dramatic conclusion..."

Book Reviews 

“Dystopian horror meets time travel in this enthralling tale. Teenager Gary suffers the agonies of first love against a backdrop of a drowned London two hundred years in the future. Together with his friend, Mike, and twenty-third century girlfriend, Beetie, he faces all the paradoxes of time travel and is able to influence the future by going back and changing the past.

This book has it all; tension, menace, love and betrayal and it deserves to become a great success in the YA market.”

“This sci-fi novel takes you on a dark and exciting journey and has everything you would expect and more - mystery, suspense, chilling atmosphere, time travel, love, betrayal and real and believable characters and I could go on. Its a great read and I definitely recommend it.”

Charlie an Amazon customer

Simon, an Amazon customer

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