Unveiled Secrets 

Four plays, four women, four secrets

Three plays by Oliver Eade and one by Anita John

Other Plays

Split Apart (Full Length) Inspired by being caught up in an earthquake in China in 2008.

The Gap (one act version of 'Split Apart'). Short-listed for Rowan Tree Competition, 2007.

The Kotuku Bird (Full Length) Inspired by a true story.

Pool Britannia (Full Length) Inspired by staying (briefly) in a condominium of ex-pats in Turkey when the ambient temperature was 47 celcius.


White Mischief (with music and dance) Inspired by British xenophobia.

The Other Nathan Inspired by a friend's comment concerning his aunt. Long-listed for the 2015 British Theatre Challenge.

The Other Cat Inspired by SchrÖdinger's cat and quantum superposition. Winner of Segora 2018 International One Act Play Competition.

Give the Dog a Bone Inspired by a true story. Long-listed for the 2015 British Theatre Challenge.

Eighty Percent

Ghosts of Flodden Inspired by one of the bloodiest battles in UK history. 

The Hut A dark comedy about prejudice inspired by prejudice.

An Angel of Sorts

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