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Winner of the 2018 Georgina Hawtrey-Woore Award for Young Adult Novels. 

Summary of Kepie's Eyes

Caitlin and her sister Rhona fall prey to a Kelpie inhabiting a famous Scottish waterfall. Transformed by the evil horse spirit in to Mairi, the fifteen-year-old Victorian Glaswegian orphan in the book she's reading, Caitlin is taken to a fairy-tale land where she believes she's the true princess. But the Kelpie has other plans for her. This award winning book is not to be missed. 

Book Reviews 

“I adore stories about Kelpies and other Scottish creatures. This book did not disappoint. I loved the way the two worlds were woven together, and that it was two girls working with a young boy that provided the ultimate solution. So many tales have it resting either with the boy or with the girl, so the teamwork and how each character's strengths and weaknesses were necessary was wonderful. I also greatly appreciated finding out how, in this tale, the kelpie came to be. ”

Teresa H. Garcia, an Amazon customer

“Sisters Caitlin and Rhona are mysteriously transported into a twin time warp, that of Victorian Glasgow and a strange faery Kingdom where Princess Mairi is caught up in a power struggle between devious gnomes and the fearsome Kelpie. At times dark and grisly in true gothic fashion, this thrilling adventure is guaranteed to keep young readers on the edge of their seat, eager to discover the true identity of Mairi and the secret of the Sword that everyone is so desperate to possess. I hadn't realised how horrid Kelpies were supposed to be and certainly wouldn't want to meet one myself!”

Clio, an Amazon customer

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