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Summary of A Single Petal

 Teacher Feng, a middle-aged and humble widower, lives quietly in Tang Dynasty China, caring for his beloved daughter Feier. But life changes dramatically when his best friend is murdered and local girls are kidnapped. Feng sets out on an arduous journey of discovery, little suspecting that he is involving himself with powerful forces that threaten the very Empire itself. With minute attention to historical detail, this beautifully-written novel is at once a murder mystery, a story of passionate love and a political thriller. The novel was winner of the 2012 Local Legend Spiritual Writing Competition. It is a true page-turner that builds to a terrifying and tragic climax.

Book Reviews 

This is the first novel by Roxburghshire-based author Oliver Eade to be aimed at adults, and it won publisher Local Legend’s Spiritual Writing Competition, a fact which will trigger many preconceptions. But A Single Petal is more than a recycling of bland, generic New Age clichés – which is probably why Local Legend selected it as the winner. Set in TNG Dynasty China, it tells of middle-aged widower, Feng, who has been looking after his young daughter since his wife’s death. For his time, he’s a liberal, progressive kind of man. Then his best friend is murdered and girls start getting kidnapped. In an attempt to get to the bottom of both mysteries, Feng sets out on a journey but finds a conspiracy that reaches further than he could ever have imagined. Carefully researched, well plotted and more full-blooded than you might expect, A Single Petal’s spiritual dimension is solidly grounded in traditional narrative rules.

Within the first few pages of this stunning novel the reader is transported to the Tang Dynasty in ancient China and yet the book touches on modern day issues and sentiments that we can all identify with. Intricate details and wonderful pictorial images come together to create a book of great depth, richness and vivid almost tangible detail.`A Single Petal' has you reading quickly as the twists and turns of the story evolve and yet lingering on certain beautifully descriptive paragraphs and `watching' the scenes play out. Don't miss this thriller of a book by a very talented author.”

Lynne Harkes, an Amazon customer

Alastair Mabbott, The Herald, 2013

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