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Summary of Northwards

A Texan schoolgirl's feet will only point north... towards the Arctic. Earth Mother requires her help to save the world from a terror lying deep inside the Mountains of Sorrow. Something to do with a mysterious chamber of ice. And something to do with her Granny who lies ill in hospital. But feisty Jenny soon makes friends with the annoying spherical Snowball people, with hairy little mountain folk and with a small snow cat; friends that she and a Japanese boy she meets up with are going to need big time... An eco-fantasy for young readers set in North America.

Book Review

"Northwards is a witty, heartwarming novel packed with adventure. After enjoying reviewing Moon Rabbit by Oliver Eade last year, I was excited to read his new book. I was not disappointed. Northwards tells the thrilling tale of Jenny, a schoolgirl on a mission to the icy summits of the Arctic. There she must battle the evil Lord Kranyak and his army with help from with help from dome of the inhabitants of the mysterious North. This gripping novel proves that with courage, teamwork and true friendships, good can overcome evil."

Jessica Francis, Sunday Express, Jan 23rd  2011.

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