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From Beast to God trilogy

The Golden Jaguar of the Sun

Geeky Adam can't believe beautiful Mexican classmate, María, has dumped her hunk of a quarterback boyfriend for him. Her gift of a bracelet linked to the Golden Jaguar of the Sun changes him. But love confounded by jealousy takes them on a perilous journey across different dimensions, shadowed by the mystical beast - from a sacrificial Aztec temple to a drug gangsters' jungle hideout and the mythical Mayan 'Place of Fear'. Golden Jaguar of the Sun is the first book of a trilogy, From Beast to God, by prize-winning author Oliver Eade to discover the girl's true identity and why she must be saved. A story of teenage love and its pitfalls, it is also a tale of adventure, fantasy and the merging of beliefs.

The Merging

Continuing from the Golden Jaguar of the Sun, Adam Winters and María López believe their troubles are behind them. But... how could Adam have guessed that his sister’s sixth sense would transport him and his girlfriend back to 13th century Colorado, let alone become part of an ancient Puebloan prophecy? To fulfil the prophecy he must confront Coyote Spirit. Does Adam have the strength to release the only power that can defeat his adversary?
In this second book of the From Beast to God YA trilogy, the young Texan learns who his greatest enemy really is but gets no closer to discovering why his Mexican girlfriend is so special. A continuing story of young love with its challenges and uncertainties against a backdrop of merging cultures and beliefs, whilst manipulation of the youngsters' destinies by outside forces threatens more than just their futures.


Adam, now married to his beautiful singer/songwriter Mexican ex-classmate, María, worries about her troubled state of mind. Knowing this has something to do with their son, Pepe, he realises that the boy must learn about the past from his clairvoyant aunt, Chloe, before facing challenges of the future that threaten to destroy not only their happiness, but, because of who happens to be in the White House, also the world. Why is it so important that Adam and Pepe return together to Xibalba… the Mayan ‘Place of Fear’ where Maria had to travel to, after she died, to prevent her subsequent death? In this final novel of the trilogy, we learn who María really is.

Book Reviews 

The Golden Jaguar of the Sun review

The Merging review

“Oliver Eade’s writing has been influenced by that space between reality and fantasy and the magical realism of Latin American writers like García Marquez and Isabel Allende. The Golden Jaguar of the Sun is the first novel of the Beast of the God series inspired by Native North American and Mesoamerican belief. Drawing on this knowledge, Oliver Eade exhibits a true writers’ craftsmanship and understanding of human nature as he carefully weaves a story around teenage love with all its ups and downs. The reader is taken on a fantasy journey including a sacrificial Aztec temple, drug gangsters and a mysterious bracelet. The struggle of good versus evil is evident throughout this entertaining story. I have read all of Oliver Eade’s novels and would certainly recommend this one.”

“Great book. Full of adventures and narrow escapes. The author brings you into the world of the Native Americans. The descriptions are fantastic. You feel as if you are staying in their villages, eating their food and understanding their beliefs all with a whiff of magic and time travel thrown in. Enjoy.”

Francesca, an Amazon customer

Revelation review

“This final part of the 'Beast to God' trilogy is a riveting read. The story is exciting and thought-provoking and it becomes clear that much more lies behind it - layers of allegory and implications for today's world. The links between different civilisations and what ancient wisdom has to teach us underpin the touching story of modern young people finding their way and themselves in a complex scenario.”

Alice Barber, an Amazon customer

A. Wombat, an Amazon customer

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