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Moon RabbitMonkey King's Revenge

Moon Rabbit

Scottish schoolboy Stevie befriends pretty Chinese classmate Maisie when some children tease her, and takes her to his riverside camp in Peebles. When she falls into the river, he rescues her, emerging in mythological China as White Tiger. With Maisie, or Hua-Mei (‘Pretty Flower’), he learns he has to accomplish a dangerous mission before they can get back to Peebles. Story continues in Monkey King's Revenge...

Monkey King's Revenge (Sequel)

When Maisie gets kidnapped and taken back to Ancient China out of revenge for retrieving the Blue Dragon's magical staff and pearl, Stevie and his friends embark on a terrifying journey to rescue her. How will they ever undo the curse of the Jade Snake? Monkey King's Revenge continues the yin yang tale of friendship and conflict in a fantasy both dark and humorous. This book is beautifully illustrated by Alma Dowle, nominated for the Kate Greenaway Prize for her Moon Rabbit illustrations. 

Children's book finalist in the People's Book Prize.

Book Reviews

To the right is a review of Oliver Eade's Moon Rabbit from the Professional Associates Newsletter. Below, is another review from the Sunday Express.  

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