Young Adult Novel

Number Twenty-four

In a tale of adventure and young love, four teenagers

from Hawick in the Scottish Borders find themselves in a land where barking humans are the pets of talking dogs...

Can they free Top Dog, Bosona, from imprisonment by the evil rottweiler Bruiser?

Will they ever they escape back to the Scottish Borders?



Young Readers' Novel


Zookeeper's Daughter

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Isabelle, upset she’ll not see her Swiss ‘mamie’ that summer, escapes into Old Joe’s magical book about wild animals helped by Florence, an albino chamois and a present from her grandmother. Her journeys into the animals’ lives, endangered because of what mankind is doing to the planet, fire her determination to help them, aided by her friends, her brother and her Scottish grandfather.

'Just read this in one sitting and really enjoyed it.  Being an animal lover myself I felt an affinity for the theme and really liked the charming way the narrative was handled through the child’s viewpoint.  Inventive and educational with a strong message.  Well done.' 


John Clewarth, author of 'Firestorm Rising'


'This charming story is a fabulous way to teach the younger generation about the destruction that man is wreaking on Planet Earth and, in particular, the resulting tragic loss of its wildlife and their habitats. I’m sure that Sir David Attenborough would heartily approve!'

Wendy Leighton-Porter, award-winning author of the 'Shadows of the Past' Series


'It is my humble opinion that Oliver Eade’s unique style of writing and the colour illustrations in the twenty-one chapters by Lara of all the animals facing extinction has made this one of the most significant books I have read this year, and I urge readers to buy The Zookeeper's Daughter. It will change how we view our world. There is some hope but there is also an urgency.'

Iona Carroll, author of the 'Story of Oisin Kelly' series.



Visit Cheryl Carpinello's blog for an interview with Oliver, the author of  'The Zookeeper's Daughter', and his

granddaughter Lara, the illustrator.

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