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Three books written during the COVID pandemic...

The past and the future merge in a pandemic love story colliding with a seven-thousand-year journey through the HISTORY of MEDICINE...

In the BLINK of an EYE

A 2021 Page Turner Award finalist 













When Larry’s blossoming love for  girl called Skye appears threatened, the boy falls victim to coronavirus and ends up seriously ill on a ventilator with COVID-19. Looking down at his body in ITU, the teenager recalls past lives over seven thousand years, each highlighting a landmark in the history of Medicine.

How will this change the future for Skye and her mother?

From a doctor and award-winning novelist and playwright, the story of Medicine, in a blend of fiction and fact.

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In the BLINK of an EYE.jpg


A young readers' novel about saving endangered animals and dedicated to Sir David Attenborough

Illustrated by the writer's nine-year-old Swiss granddaughter

The Zookeeper's Daughter


ZKD e-cover copy.jpg

Isabelle Scott, upset she won't be visiting her Swiss 'Mamie' finds herself transported into the lives of endangered animals in a magical book written by Old Jamie who helps run her father's zoo in Scotland, but is sick in hospital. On learning the fates of these animals because of what humans are doing to the planet, she and her  best friends, Elodie, in Scotland, and Angélique in Switzerland, become determined to help all endangered species.

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For young adults and adults...

The Fire Hills









AD 180...The hated Commodus accedes the Imperial throne of Rome after the death of his beloved philosopher father, Emperor Marcus Aurelius. The son's evil influence

extends to the far reaches of the Roman Empire, threatening peaceful co-existence with 

the Celtic settlements around the Fort of Trimontium...

But for the Celtic Deer Goddess of the West, Flidais, and a brother and sister from twenty-first century Melrose in the Scottish Borders, the history of Europe might have been so very different. 

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Revised editions of two novels for young readers...

Moon Rabbit

A winner of the Writers' and Artists'  2007 New Novel Competition and longlisted for the 2008 Waterstones

Children's Book prize

















A story of friendship between a Scots boy and a Chinese girl who, after falling in the River Tweed in the Scottish Borders, end up in mythological ancient China where they must undertake a perilous journey in a land of talking animals and mythical beasts to retrieve the Blue Dragon's stolen magical pearl and golden staff before they can find their way back to Scotland.

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The sequel to Moon Rabbit in which the two children's cross-cultural friendship blossoms into young love...

Monkey King's Revenge

Children's genre finalist for the 2012 Peoples' Book Prize




The vengeful Monkey King kidnaps Maisie and takes her back to mythological China where, by using the magic of the jade snake, he plans to turn her into the Monkey Queen.

How can Stevie and his schoolfriends from the Scottish Borders rescue her?

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Eyes of Fire

(Published August 2022)

Texan teen, Adam, falls for his beautiful yet mysterious Mexican classmate, María. Neither knows where the ancient Aztec gold bracelet that she gives him will lead

them, and no one, including María, knows who she

really is. In a terrifying journey across North America, spanning different cultures, past and present, also 

involving Adam's remarkable young sister, Chloe, and

her African American love interest, Lee, why the

Mexican girl is so special, and why they must

seek out an ancient Anasazi girl in the Mayan

underworld, Xibalba, defying the Death Lords

and the evil Anasazi warrior, Coyote Spirit, becomes

evident towards the end of this three-part novel 

(adapted from an earlier trilogy, From Beast to God)

in which Native American beliefs conflict and merge with those of  White Man of European origin.

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Featured on 'best books in the fantasy fiction that make the reader think more deeply about real-life issues'.

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MR NEW COVER FILE e-book.jpg
MKR e-book cover.jpg
E of F e-cover file_edited.jpg

Just published,

For first readers...

No More Bamboo!



Ping Ping is fed up with eating bamboo and

goes off into the forest alone to find more

interesting food.

But the forest is a dangerous place and the little panda soon learns that bamboo is not so bad

after all!

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